Korean rapper Outsider is married

Korean rapper Outsider is married

2 Apr – It was revealed that Korean rapper Outsider got married last 31 March 2012.

According to Koreaboo website, the 28-year-old rapper married his 31-year-old wife in an event that took place in Seoul's Imperial Palace Hotel.

The star - who is currently serving his mandatory military service commented, "During military training, I had the thought that it might be fate. Our love for each other grew deep so we decided to get married. I got another set of my military dog tag and stars, had both of our names branded on them, and confessed my love. It was a simple yet touching moment. I'm really happy."

Outsider's wife is reported to lead a ballet group as well as other cultural society and the two met when the latter's mother, who works in the concert event business introduced them to each other.

Outsider began his activities as an artist as an underground rapper before finally making his mainstream debut in 2007. His songs include, "Loner," "Acquaintance," and "Piero's Tears".

The two are currently on honeymoon in Bali as of 1 April 2012.