Kong Wah chooses the simple life

Kong Wah chooses the simple life

9 Apr – Former TVB star Kong Wah, who has been on hiatus from acting since 2009, recently admitted that he has been living modestly since leaving the company back in 2004.

As reported on HK Channel, the "King of Yesterday and Tomorrow" actor was surprised that the media had found out that he had moved his family from their luxurious Palm Spring residence back in 2012 to a village house in Sha Tau Kok.

During a rare public appearance with wife, singer Connie Mak, at the memorial music show for Leslie Cheung on 1 April, Kong Wah was offended when asked about his rented living, saying, "Yes, I moved because I am poor. I have no money to live in a big mansion, so I moved to Sha Tau Kok instead!"

However, Kong Wah said that he has no issue with the location being farther than the city centre, saying that Hong Kong is a small city after all.

The actor, who used to be one of the biggest stars in TVB, denied being jobless, saying, "I will work occasionally when I feel like it."

When asked if TVB had offered him a contract, Kong Wah, who seemed annoyed with the question, said that he was the one who made the decision not to continue with TVB.

However, the actor also said that he has yet to find a good script since filming the Mainland production of "Life in Sanyuan" in 2009, and is not filming any series at the moment.

Meanwhile, his wife Connie said that they chose to live modestly and have no need for fame and wealth anymore.