Kong Ngai passes away

Kong Ngai passes away

14 Mar – "Overheard 2" star and veteran Hong Kong actor Kong Ngai has left us yesterday at the age of 81 due to lung cancer, according to Jayne Stars.

If you are a huge fan of TVB drama series in the 1970s to 1990s, you are definitely no stranger to Kong's portrayal of martial arts heroes in various versions of "The Legend Of The Condor Heroes" alongside stars like Felix Wong, Andy Lau, Chi-lam and Louis Koo.

Kong's death was announced on Facebook by former ATV producer Yeung Siu Hung. Yeung wanted to pay a visit to Kong, who fought with cancer for more than one year, but was informed that the latter had passed away in the afternoon.

"It's a loss to the Hong Kong entertainment industry to lose Kong Ngai. Not only was he our senior, he was a very good actor," said Liza Wang, who worked with Kong in "Yesterday's Glitter".

Adam Cheng also expressed his condolences to his "Greed Of Man" co-star.

"I have lost another long-time friend," he said.

Born in Hong Kong in 1936, Kong and his family went to Macau during the Sino-Japanese war. He was active in stock investments and had been performing as "siu sang" in Cantonese operas on the stage. He became a full-time actor in 1974 by signing with TVB. The actor's sexual interest had been a hot topic among the press. Although he did not reveal his secret, he wished that he could be a woman in his next life.

Kong was last seen in the movie "Overheard 2" by Alan Mak and Felix Chong.