Kit Harington 'Regrowing' His Game Of Thrones Jon Snow Beard; Seth MacFarlane Nerds Out Over GOT

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Kit Harington, Seth MacFarlane -- Getty Images

"Game of Thrones" may have wrapped its Season 2 run for the fans on Sunday night, but one of the show's stars, Kit Harington, told Access Hollywood over the weekend that he's already getting back into the role of Jon Snow for Season 3.

"I've been regrowing the beard and hair and kind getting back into the Jon Snow look," he laughed as he hit the red carpet at Spike TV's Guys Choice Awards 2012 in Los Angeles.

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Kit said he heads back to film the fantasy drama in just a few months.

"We go back in July," he said. "We're just about to start again."

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The actor, whose character had some thrilling scenes on Sunday's Season 2 finale on HBO, said he was still behind when it came to watching the program.

"I haven't even seen Episode 9 yet. I'm a bit behind, so I have to catch up," Kit told Access.

But, Kit said he was looking forward to the reactions from fans over the finale.

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"I'm really excited to see what people think, because it's got some big cliffhangers and it's sort of, it's gonna be exciting to see how people perceive it," he said. "I think they'll love it."

While at the Spike TV Awards, Kit managed to meet "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane, who told Access Hollywood he was actually thrilled to meet the British actor.

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"Oh my God, [he was] the one person I was excited to see," Seth laughed.

Seth actually picked up a trophy at the Guys Choice ceremony, which airs June 9 at 9/8c on Spike TV, and when Access suggested his Funniest M.F. award looks a bit like a "Game of Thrones" Baratheon stag sigil, Seth laughed.

"Yes! It's interesting if you look at the - Wow! Are we nerding out here on 'Game of Thrones'? -- If you look at the Baratheon banner on 'Game of Thrones,' it looks an awful lot like Bullwinkle, which is kind of hilarious. It's like, you know, 'We, the order of the cartoon moose, demand to rule the Seven Kingdoms!'"

-- Jolie Lash

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