Kim Tae Hee Pushed Out of Exclusive Commercial in Japan Due to Anti-Korea Movements

Lee, KyungNam

Kim Tae Hee’s commercial in Japan was pushed for a re-edit due to anti-Korea movements.

Kim Tae Hee initially planned to hold a press conference as the new model for Rohto Pharmaceutical’s Yukigo Kochi cosmetics in February. Rightist groups, however, protested in front of the main office of the company in Tokyo against the appearance of the actress, and in the end, the event had to be cancelled just before it was due to start.

Ever since Kim Tae Hee appeared at a Dokdo event held in 2005, some Japanese citizens sent shockwaves through the scene by vowing to kill the ‘anti-Japan actress’ Kim Tae Hee if she ever came to Japan. Even after the event was cancelled, rightist groups continued to threaten the brand’s main office and hold protests in front of it, demanding it to cancel its modeling contract with Kim Tae Hee.

At this, the company was pitched into a debate on whether to reveal the commercial that exclusively starred Kim Tae Hee. In the end, it decided to decrease the amount of exposure given her. Three more Japanese models appear in the new commercial, and Kim Tae Hee appears for six seconds in the 16 second long commercial.

After it became known that Kim Tae Hee had been cast for the drama 99 Days with a Star in September, many more rightist, anti-Korea protest groups stepped up against the actress’ activities by even handing out fliers with the text ‘Why is the anti-Japan actress Kim Tae Hee being cast as the main star?’ The movements still continue.

Photo credit: Yukigo Kochi commercials before and after the edit

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