Kim Sunah and Choi Siwon together

Nam Woo-Jeong
Kim Sunah and Choi Siwon together

Kim Sunah disclosed a photo of herself with Choi Siwon.

On 26th, Kim Sunah wrote on her Facebook "Super hot Siwon. Super Junior's concertos happening today and tomorrow! I got a number of invitations, and I missed their concerts every time. I want to go!" and uploaded the photo.

In the photo, Choi Siwon and Kim Sunah are making cute poses, and they look very intimate.

Kim Sunah also wrote "It reminded of 'City Hall' and fan meeting in Taiwan. Cheers to Siwon."

Netizens who viewed the photo made comments, such as "She knows a lot of people", "They look great together", and "Such a hot picture".

On the other hand, Kim Sunah's new drama 'I Do, I Do' will start to air on 30th at 9:50 PM.