Kim Na Young introduced on the main website of VOGUE Italy

Lee Seul
STAR N News19 March 2013
Kim Na Young introduced on the main website of VOGUE Italy

Kim Na Young visited Paris Fashion Week, and appeared on the main website cover of VOGUE Italy.

On March 18th, her management agency told that Kim Na Young recently visited '2013 Paris Fashion Week', and her outfits were posted on the main web of VOGUE Italia.

Even though there were a great number of hot fashion bloggers and celebrities, Kim Na Young was specially chosen, and it was also found out that she is the first Korean to appear on the main website of VOGUE Italia.

Kim Na Young's photos were also posted on the website of VOGUE Paris, The New York Times, New York Magazine,, WWD, and Grazia Italy.

According to an official, many people showed great interests Kim Na Young's outfits and Korean culture. One official showed the horse dance on the spot as he learned that Kim Na Young was Korean, and many others also made comments, such as "Amazing Korea!", "Amazing woman", and "A great match of the East and the West."

Netizens made comments, such as "She's amazing", "I always thought she has great fashion sense", "Not anyone can manage those outfits", and "I'm so proud of her."

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