Kim Kyu-jong officially enters military

Kim Kyu-jong officially enters military

26 Jul – It was revealed that SS501 member Kim Kyu-jong has officially entered the training camp for his mandatory national service.

Koreaboo website reported that the singer - accompanied by local and foreign fans, headed to Jeonju's 35th division training camp. Seen also at the location were fellow SS501 members Heo Young-saeng and Kim Hyung-joon.

Kyu-jong reportedly stated, "Time flies so quickly and I would like to thank my fans and SS501 members who are here to support me."

He added, "I promise that I will return safely and healthy as soon as the service is over."

Kim Kyu-jong will begin his basic training at the camp and will continue to serve as a public service worker.

In May 2012, Kim Kyu-jong updated his official homepage an announced his plans on enlisting in the military. The singer also released a mini-album, "Meet Me Again" and held a pre-enlistment fan meeting.