Kim Junsu successfully finishes recording 'POPASIA' in Australia

Kim Junsu successfully finishes recording 'POPASIA' in Australia

Kim Junsu finished recording 'POPASIA' in Australia.

On September 28th, C-JeS Entertainment told that Kim Junsu successfully finished recording a TV show called 'POPASIA' in Australia.

C-JeS said, "Kim Junsu said hello by saying 'G’day Mate', and he kept making people laugh with his humorous personality during the entire shooting. After having a talk time, he showed a perfect live performance, and deeply impressed the staffs. The show will air in Australia on October 6th."

A staff who participated in the recording said, "We all got major crushes on Kim Junsu. We felt great that he said hello in Australian way. It seems that he has something special in him. His perfect live performance was amazing, and we cannot believe that Australian fans could see such a wonderful performance ahead of Korean fans."

Indeed, the staffs started following Kim Junsu's dance, and kept making high compliments for his live performance. Other staffs who were walking by also took a brief stop to see Kim Junsu's performance.

Furthermore, an evening news made a detailed report about Kim Junsu's visit and recording of 'POPASIA'. They introduced Kim Junsu as one of the most beloved singer in Korea, and gave a detailed introduction about him.

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu will be having his first solo concert in Australia tonight at Big Top Sydney.

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