Kim Junsu Casts His Magic in Taiwan with a Concert

Kim, JiYeon

JYJ’s Kim Junsu landed in Taiwan as a solo singer and delivered a magical 100-minute-long performance for the 3,600 fans there.

Kim Junsu’s solo concert, Xia 1st Asia Tour in Taiwan, took place on June 23 at the Sports Center in National Taiwan University.

The fans filling up the venue cheered at Kim Junsu’s every move. They never stopped shouting out the names ‘Xia’, ‘Junsu’ and ‘oppa’, and a majority of the fans showed they could understand Korean by answering in Korean even before an interpreter could interpret Kim Junsu’s words.

The performance used stage and audio devices that were similar to those used in the Seoul concert, including the large LED screen, and the fans’ reactions also didn’t fall behind those of the fans in Korea.

Kim Junsu entertained his Taiwanese fans with his smooth vocals and explosive performances.

He sang all of his ballads, musical numbers and dance performances live, from his first performance Breath to the last, Fever. Fans swayed with the mood, and whenever he put on a ballad, they even showed tears at his touching vocals.

The singer tried to talk to his fans in Chinese, but the fans nevertheless answered him in Korean.

Kim Junsu said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been in Taiwan, and I want to thank you for showing me such love. I hesitated a lot while preparing for this album, but I think it’s great that I decided to release it because I can hold concerts and meet with fans like this. I leave with so many great memories. I’ll definitely come back to Taiwan as a member of JYJ or as Xia.”

During his concert’s trademark ‘Genie time’, in which Kim Junsu answers three requests from his fans, he had to wink, act cute with a ‘Bbuing bbuing’ and put on an expression dubbed ‘Angel Xia’ by his fans. The ‘Bbuing bbuing’ request especially showed how popular the Korean wave was in the country.

Before he put on the ‘Angel Xia’ expression, Kim Junsu made his audience laugh by asking the men to “close your eyes.”

The most interesting point of the concert was that the audience was comprised of fans from both genders and all age groups.

There were so many male fans that Kim Junsu noticed and asked the men to “give a shout,” but the women also shouted along in deep male voices, making everyone laugh.

A rep for the concert said on June 24 through JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment, “The encore requests were so loud after the last performance that we couldn’t hear the radio message at the consoles. All of the Taiwanese fans sang along with the encore song, Tree Covered in Dew, in perfect Korean.”

After the performance, Kim Junsu said through his agency, “My fans’ reactions help me delve into the emotion of the songs. The reactions from the Taiwanese fans were the best, and thanks to that I was able to be more immersed in my songs.”

Kim Junsu is currently touring Asia after the release of his solo album, and has toured four cities, Seoul, Thailand, Indonesia and Taiwan, drawing a total of 26,000 fans. He will be visiting China next, for a concert in Shanghai on July 7.

Photo credit: C-JeS Entertainment

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