Kim Joon Hyun Joins G12’s Heated Debate

[by Woorim Ahn] Comedian Kim Joon Hyun will appear in JTBC ‘Nonsummit’ as a guest.

On the 42nd episode of the program, he had a debate with Canadian representative Guillaume Patry with ‘Good nature principle vs. evil nature principle’.

Kim Joon Hyun strongly agreed with good nature principle and other G12 members insisted on evil nature principle. In particular, he participated in the debate with seriousness and proved that he majored in philosophy.

About a man’s worry ‘unhappy with lookism’, Chinese representative Zhang Yuan said, “Lookism discrimination is just one thing that many people go through, so they should not give up their dreams only because of it.”

On the other hand, Japanese representative Terada Takuya said, “Since standards of happiness are all different from people, so appearance might be the one for some people” and refuted Zhang’s opinion.

Meanwhile, G12’s various stories about lookism will air on April 20. (photo by JTBC)

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