Kim Jang-hoon receives the Obama Award

Kim Jang-hoon receives the Obama Award

29 Jul - It was revealed that singer Kim Jang-hoon has been awarded with the President Obama's service accolade recently.

According to Korea Times website, the singer's agency stated that on 23 July, Kim received five awards from the US government, with the last being an award from Barack Obama when he was there for his "One Man Show" performance that was held in LA Nokia Theatre.

Kim, known as the "Angel of Donation" in South Korea, recently donated the guarantees from his participation in the advertisement for iTalkBB and from the LA concert – USD 50,000 to the rehab community for drug addict women and USD 8,000 to Korean American church organization for disabled individuals.

Kpopstars website reported that Peter Brian, who was responsible for the American concerts Peter Brian stated that Kim Jang-hoon's act of donating USD 1,500,000,000 in Korea, all of the guarantee he got from concerts in China to protect the environment and giving back all of the guarantee to America from the amount he made in concerts made a huge impact on the relationship of Korea and America in the society.

He added, "That's why he deserves to be rewarded with the service award." Meanwhile, the singer was reported saying that, "I wanted people to know that Korean people are very caring by donating and giving small performances. I hope the relationship between Korea and America becomes stronger."

He added that the donation is not an individual effort but an effort by all Koreans.