Keira Knightley: Why she disliked music as a teen
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Keira Knightley: Why she disliked music as a teen

Keira Knightley

Turning up all bubbly and borderline fidgety for this conversation about her new movie, Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World, Keira Knightley seemed to only be held back by her rather restricting designer outfit. In other words, a snug plaid top and form fitting skirt, however puffy at the hips, that was a real challenge for her when attempting to glide into the room. Other than that, Keira focused on her ambivalent obsession with music and musicians - which would seem to include recently acquired Klaxons keyboardist fiancé James Righton. Along with what went down during the filming of her apocalyptic romantic comedy, including cheery topics like end of the world suicide, final massive orgies, and not having to diet anymore. And one vehicular incident that may have cost the movie's cameraman his end of manhood too, when Keira's erratic driving hurled her odd couple leading man Steve Carell straight into his crotch. Even if it was only driving while acting.

You look lovely in that outfit today.

Keira Knightley: Oh, thank you. That's very kind. The hems comes down there on the skirt. Which is

really annoying. And I can't actually walk with it! Because it's too small at the bottom!

So how come you're wearing it?

KK: Who knew! I put it on and I thought ... Not practical!

Well, that style is lovely anyway.

KK: They're great. Standing still! Just try moving in it. Yeah ...

Okay, what would you say attracts you to somebody like James?

KK: I love when there's an obsession with music. Completely obsessed. And I've always been attracted by people who, I supposed love anything that much. But particularly music.

How about you?

KK: I'm not! I like it, but I'm not that kind of obsessive. I can sit in a room and be silent. I don't, you know I'm not one of those people. But I've always loved people that are. And I suppose that's why I wanted to play this character Penny, it was because I wanted to understand that. But I do remember actively disliking music when I was in teens.

How come?

KK: Because I completely remember the moment when I was eleven, when I wanted to still play games. And my two best friends wanted to go to Ben's, and listen to music. And I literally found that music as a thing, had taken away my childhood! And my best friends. And it was almost like I actually, I resented all of it, for that reason. And it took me to when I was in my early to mid-twenties, to really kind of start listening to it. And understanding it. And kind of getting into something on my own. But I think because of that period of being a teenager. And wanting to be playing, and still being in a fantasy world, I never got into it in a way that I think people do. You know, when they really associate moments in their life with pieces of music. Or relationships with pieces of music. And I love that, I love that aspect of it. I love the way that it's so caught up with memory. And I think that's wonderful. And I'd like to be somebody who is like that!

Is there anything you wouldn't do for a movie?

KK: Are there things I wouldn't do. You know, that's a funny one. If the role isn't good enough. I'm not going to take it, you know? But, as I'm getting older! Like I've been offered some things recently. And I suddenly went, if a daughter of mine watched me doing that, would I feel really ashamed of myself. And I mean more in a kind of feminist way, actually. Of going, is that part good enough. Or is this a character that just turns up and takes her clothes off. I'm not willing to, that's not something that's gonna happen. And even if I kinda go, ooh, that could be a cool movie. Or it's a cool director. I think from that point of view of going, I don't want that to be what women do in films. You know, I want it to be more than that. So I suppose that's what I wouldn't do.

You mention having children. Is that something you've talked about with James?

KK: I'm not thinking about having kids right now.

So why this movie, Seeking a Friend For The End Of The World?

KK: Um, I just read the script and I thought, I never read anything like it. I thought it was a very unique take on a kind of end of the world thing. And I found it weirdly - well not weirdly! But I found it incredibly positive, and uplifting. And I thought the whole vibe of the piece, is what becomes important. /Viva Press