Kate Tsui absent from press conference

Kate Tsui absent from press conference

7 Dec – Kate Tsui's absence from the TVB Anniversary Awards' media conference recently triggered rumours that the actress has admitted defeat against TVB Queen contender, Tavia Yeung.

Jaynestars reported that on 4 December, TVB held a media conference to release the voting details for the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards. Many of the nominees were present, including Moses Chan, Myolie Wu, Wayne Lai and Astro on Demand's TV Queen, Tavia Yeung. However, Kate Tsui was nowhere to be found.

According to Kate's manager, the actress was a no-show due to her sickness. The manager said that Kate was advised to rest and as a result, could not attend the conference.

Despite her absence from the TVB Anniversary Awards press conference, the actress looked healthy during a game show held on the same night.

Kate revealed, "I had a bad flu and was still sick even after a doctor's appointment. I had to sing songs all through the night when I was in Malaysia, making it even more difficult for me to recover."

When reporters asked if she had purposely avoided the press conference because of Tavia's win at Astro, Kate was quick to deny it.

"No, of course! We were happy for Tavia and Kenneth Ma because they deserved the awards."

However, the actress also revealed that she is not confident about winning the TVB Award, stating that she wants a lot of acting projects more than an award.