Karena, "We were in separate rooms!"

Karena, "We were in separate rooms!"

18 Feb – "Love is Pyjamas" actress Karena Ng recently clarified about her sleeping arrangements while on a vacation in Tokyo with boyfriend, Raymond Lam – stressing that the actor was a gentleman and that they had stayed in separate hotel rooms.

Popular Asians website reported that earlier, a lot of concerns were voiced about the couple's romantic getaway on 10 February, seeing that the actress was just 19-years-old.

However, the actress clarified, "My parents knew about the vacation with Raymond and we were accompanied by other friends who flew in from different locations."

The actress continued, "There were both girls and guys on the trip. I don't want to talk about such personal matters, but we had separate rooms."

Asked about how they actually started dating, the tight-lipped actress only stated, "We got together quite naturally. When we first started filming, we didn't know each other too well. It was some time before we started dating."

The actress also revealed that she was surprised at Raymond's decision to publicly announce their relationship, stating, "I didn't know ahead of time that he would announce it publicly. From the start, my impression of Raymond is that he is a very responsible person and knows how to take care of friends around him."