Kangta Reveals There Were Only Five SM Employees During H.O.T Days

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SM Entertainment may be a multi-billion won company now, but former H.O.T. member Kangta spoke candidly about the agency’s humble beginnings, revealing that there were only five employees at SM during H.O.T’s heyday.

Kangta attended the showcase for SM’s upcoming film I AM, held at the Yeongdeungpong Starium CGV in Seoul, on April 30, where he shared some interesting facts about the agency.

“During my trainee days, there were four office employees, counting Lee Soo Man,” said Kangta. “After we [H.O.T.] came in, the number of employees increased by one and became five.”

The former H.O.T member continued, “The training environment was poor. We rehearsed in a residential area, and we did it without a mirror in the morning and with one in the evening. I think our juniors’ skill levels are outstanding because they trained in a good environment.”

This is hard to imagine about a company that has since gone on to place its artists on world-renown stages like New York City’s Madison Square Garden, but fans can expect to learn more about SM and its artists’ back stories when the film I AM hits theaters in May.

Photo credit: SM Entertainment

Reporter : Nancy Lee (nancylee@cj.net)
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