Justin Lee denies drug and rape allegations

Justin Lee denies drug and rape allegations

3 Sep – Arrested Taiwanese socialite Justin Lee has denied the charges of him drugging and raping the women in his sex scandal, claiming that they were consensual partners.

According to Jayne Stars, Lee denied the charges at a court hearing of his case since his arrest by the police, despite video evidence prepared by the prosecution that shown some of the women to be visibly unconscious or physically and verbally resisting his advances.

Lee, however, claimed that the women he had slept with were aware that they were being recorded, with some even posing for the camera, and therefore were willing sex partners.

In the wake of what has been dubbed as the sex scandal of 'Taiwan's Edison Chen', Lee has only admitted to have slept with 31 women out of the alleged 60 women that were recorded, which included numerous Taiwan female celebrities.

Among the women caught in the scandal was confirmed to be actress and model Maggie Wu, who suffered an emotional breakdown when photos of her engaging in intercourse with Lee had leaked to the Internet.

Lee also did not identify the women he had slept with as shown in the video by the prosecution, saying: "I have had so many women. I really can't remember all their names. Some women were one night stands, and some women threw themselves at me. Some were also paid (to sleep with me)!"

As why Lee had continued to have sex with the women who resisted, Lee's lawyers responded that the rejection was to serve as sexual stimulation, instead of refusal.

Meanwhile, police are still investigating the source of the video and photo leak that has made its way to the Internet, and believe that it could be the same person who caused the scandal to be exposed.