Julio holds lavish wedding despite bankruptcy

Julio holds lavish wedding despite bankruptcy

18 Jan – Despite declaring bankruptcy back in November 2012, Soler's member, Julio Acconci's wedding to the Mayor of Taichung's daughter, Hu Ting-ting was held in a luxurious fashion.

As reported on Asianpopnews website, regardless of his HKD 6 million debt, the wedding costs million of dollars and was held at a grand mansion. It was revealed that even the wedding ring was a NTD 185,000 Cartier band.

However, the wedding was a low-key affair, with only about 40 guests comprising of relatives and friends from both families.

Revealing that the couple only dated for six months, Julio's newly father-in-law, Jason Hu candidly shared, "I only met my son-in-law ten days ago. My daughter is reluctant to get married, but it was the first time she said that she wanted to get married, so I respect her decision. They decided on the low-key wedding."

Asked if it was a shotgun wedding, Julio's manager Eva replied, "He is a very traditional man. They will actively plan for baby after they get married. We will not comment [on who will bear the cost of the wedding], but Julio did pay for the bride token. But it is not appropriate to release the figures."

The couple met while working together on a movie, "Young Dudes", with Ting-ting starring in the movie and the Soler duo helping in the movie's soundtrack. The once divorced Julio proposed to her twice but was rejected both times.

In 2005, Julio and his brother Dino Acconci lost the contract dispute with former recording company Hummingbird Music, and were ordered that the Macau's rock duo must pay HKD 6 million to Hummingbird Music. According to Hummingbird Music, Soler had not paid in full the compensation. In November 2012, the court ordered Soler to declare bankruptcy.