Julian Quintart Is Next To Reveal His Home In Belgium

[by Sora Ghim] The members of JTBC show ‘Where Is My Friend’s House’ is leaving for Julian Quintart’s hometown in Belgium.

Following Zhang Yuan’s home in China, Julian’s house has been chosen as the next destination.

Accompanying Julian on this trip is Yoo Se Yoon, Zhang Yuan, Alberto Mondi, Tyler Rasch, Guillaume Patry, and newly added member Soosan Shaki. Starting from February 16, the group will stay in Belgium for a week.

During the press conference for the show, Julian stated, “When people think of Belgium, they don’t really know much about it and is often left out of Europe traveling courses. That is how much people don’t know about this country which makes its more fresh.” He continues, “The country is important but also family. If we go to Belgium, we can see our pension and my parents are unique and extravagant so everyone will miss them. Since it is in the middle of Europe, it received a lot of dynamic impacts. Various cultures are mixed together, creating varied fun in a small country.”

This show is about experiencing new countries and cultures, while visiting a friend’s home. The cast travel together and records the situations that occur along the trip.

Meanwhile, ‘Where Is My Friend’s House’ airs every Saturday. (photo by bntnews DB)

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