Joyce Tang plans to wed in 2013

Syahida Kamarudin
Joyce Tang plans to wed in 2013

19 Sep – It was reported that 36-year-old TVB actress Joyce Tang is planning to get married in 2013, Sina website reported.

The "Ghetto Justice" actress revealed that her boyfriend, Matthew Chu had made her a marriage proposal while they were on a vacation in New Zealand last August to which the actress heartily accepted.

The actress was quoted saying in August, "I have not thought about marriage at all," but it seems that the actress is quick to do the opposite when Matthew popped the question.

It was not all smooth-sailing for the actress when the media first reported her relationship with the 41-year-old Canon sales manager. Matthew was revealed to already have a steady girlfriend while dating Joyce Tang. However, the actress faithfully waited for Matthew to make his choice, prompting Matthew to break up with his former girlfriend.

Meanwhile, her former lover, Marco Ngai refused to comment on the subject.