Joyce Cheng aims to be healthy

Joyce Cheng aims to be healthy

26 Dec – After receiving praise for her comedic acting skills in "I Love Hong Kong 2013" recently, people are turning their attention back to Joyce Cheng's bodyweight, according to Jayne Stars.

Joyce, 26, has lost 93 pounds, dropping from 230 pounds to 137 pounds, resulting in a slimmer figure and face. However, the young star chose to be healthy rather than slim like Hong Kong divas.

She said, "Being skinny does not necessarily mean beautiful, and being fat does not mean ugly. I hope everyone knows that no matter how much effort I put into losing weight, my goal was not to become skinny, but rather for health purposes."

"I'm not aiming to become as skinny as Sammi Cheng and Joey Yung. I hope young people can learn to appreciate different body shapes, because each person is unique in their own way. If everyone looks exactly the same, you would be unhappy as well, because you're losing your individuality," Joyce added.

The singer-actress also admitted to the media that her rebellious and competitive nature have helped her to remain strong and positive in the entertainment industry.