Jon Hamm: Over confidence is delusional

John Hamm

Jon Hamm thinks overly confident people are "delusional".

The actor is best known for playing womanising Don Draper in Mad Men, which is coming to an end in its seventh season this year. Despite the character's philandering ways, Jon thinks he is relatable because nobody is perfect.

"I don’t know anybody who walks through the world thinking, ‘I am amazing’ 100 per cent of the time," he mused to British newspaper The Metro. "I think those people are crazy. Or delusional. Even Donald Trump doesn’t like himself all the time, I don’t think. But I think that is part of Don’s constant struggle, to try to behave in a way that keeps the people around him happy and to keep himself happy too."

Jon, 43, might play a slightly unlikeable character, but the part has still won him plenty of female fans. Many guys also look up to Don's confidence and smart dress sense in the '60s-set show.

"He is certainly no role model," Jon assured the publication. "But I think there’s something fundamentally in Don Draper that people can identify with – a dissatisfaction, a striving for something."

The star added that he often gets offered similar parts since starring in Mad Men. However, he's keen to branch out and embrace other kinds of roles. He's not afraid of where his career will take him next.

"I don’t feel like acting is a competition. We, as actors, are beholden to the scripts we get. I owe 100 per cent of my success and career to [the show’s creator] Matt Weiner and I recognise all of that," he explained. "I’m just a lucky fool. I do have a new film, Million Dollar Arm, coming out in May. We’ll see if people like me in this other aspect or if they only want to see me brooding and drinking and w**ring around."

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