Joe Ma is innocent

Lester Gan Wai Lun
Joe Ma is innocent

28 Nov – Hong Kong actor Joe Ma has been cleared of all charges for the alleged sexual harassment of Rose Chan in Hengdian, China, according to the Daily Chilli website.

During a press conference, Rose's Wing Chun martial arts Master Sin Kwok Lam stated that Joe was not involved in the incident. Master Sin, accompanied by TVB executive Virginia Lok, cited that he would not press charges against Joe Ma.

"Rose had said then that Joe pulled her closer because he wanted to comfort her... but his hand did not touch any sensitive part of her body."

Master Sin had failed to receive an answer from Rose as to why she went for karaoke with the men.

"Girls should always maintain her distance even if they know the person well."

"I slapped her and called her stupid but I only did that because I care about her. I still haven't apologised to her." he said.

However, Master Sin is not showing Benny Chan any mercy. He said he was furious over Benny and his manager's denial over the incident.

"His behavior and actions were inappropriate. This is clearly a serious matter"

"His entire apology speech was written on paper. Even the several bows that he made were all scripted. He was not honest!"

According to sources, Master Sin has filed a report with the Public Security bureau in China over the sexual harassment.