JJ Lin and Charlene Choi again

JJ Lin and Charlene Choi again

9 Feb – It was revealed that actress Charlene Choi has been asked to play the female lead role in Singaporean singer, JJ Lin's new music video.

Groove Asia reported that the Taiwan-based singer was recently seen filming his new music video, "Stories Untold" with the Hong Kong actress, who previously collaborated with him on his single, "Little Dimples".

Directed by Golden Horse Awards' Best Director, Zhang Rong Ji and shot by renowned cinematographer, Dylan Doyle, JJ Lin revealed his contentment for being able to work with these talented people.

The singer stated, "I feel honoured that Zhang Rong Ji has agreed to shoot the video. This is his first short film after winning the Best Director award. With Charlene's extra support and the director's strength, I believe this short film will be a great spectacle and worth it to look forward to."

Meanwhile, the "My Sassy Hubby" actress revealed that she had turned down another event, flew from Hong Kong and stayed in Taiwan for three days in order to shoot the music video with JJ Lin.

The actress revealed, "I had a great time filming "Little Dimples" with JJ five years ago. The song was liked by many and became one of the most popular love duets. That's why I did not hesitate to work with him together again. I would always help my dimple brother!"

In related news, JJ Lin's tenth album, "Stories Untold", will be in stores beginning 20 February 2013.