Jiro Wang spends extravagantly for first production

Jiro Wang spends extravagantly for first production

18 Mar – Producing a drama for the first time, Taiwanese singer-actor Jiro Wang stated that he spend millions of dollars perfecting the visual quality of "The Crossing Hero".

According to an interview with Sina's Daily News, the actor, who also stars in the drama about a Ming Dynasty guardsman who time travelled to the modern era while pursuing a lost national treasure, admitted that his art background and love of comic books caused him to have a high expectation for the series.

This also includes the style and wardrobe for his character.

"I had never been satisfied with the way my character looks in previous dramas. So, this time I was determined to make it right," he said.

Being a perfectionist that he is, Jiro admitted that the production costs overruns frequently throughout filming.

"I even spent NTD2 million (approximately USD63,000) on one scene, which was spent to build props that would be demolished in a few months. It's distressing, but as a first time producer, I want to do my best," he said.

Jiro stated that he coaxed himself into believing that losing money will earn him a sense of accomplishment. The actor did not even take any salary for his acting performance so that the money can be used for more scenes and props.

As for his dream role, Jiro stated that he would like to one day play the iconic role, Sun Wukong.

"Not the one from the classic novel, but the graphic novel version," he said.