Jiro Wang to expand fashion line market

Jiro Wang to expand fashion line market

20 Aug – With the success of his fashion brand, MJO, Fahrenheit member and Taiwanese actor Jiro Wang recently revealed that he has plans to expand his market globally.

Mingpao News reported that the actor, who had dreamed of opening his own fashion line since high school, revealed that the brand, which has also opened specialty stores in Hong Kong and Japan, is currently in talks to open up shop in South Korea and the United States.

"In addition to the Taiwan market, I am looking forward to collaborate with South Korean and American fashion brands," said Jiro.

He added jokingly, "Aside from filming and performing, I also need to manage the business. There is not enough time to do everything. Can I buy your time instead?"

In realisation that most brands created by artistes themselves have been facing a slip in quality, Jiro said that he personally takes care of the product's quality. "I will personally observe the designs and manufacture, and manage the business after filming."

"It's a lot of pressure and I have not been sleeping well. But it's also very enjoyable," the singer enthused.

(Photo credits: jpopasia.com)