Jin-woon missed "JYP Nation"

Jin-woon missed "JYP Nation"

8 Aug – 2AM's Jin-woon was not seen at the Seoul's "JYP NATION" concert due to his participation in the reality show, "Laws of the Jungle 2."

Allkpop website reported that on 5 August, resident stars of JYP Entertainment held a performance for their fans at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnasium for the "JYP Nation" concert, including ballad group, 2AM. However, only members JoKwon, Chang-min, and Seul-ong were performing.

JoKwon revealed, "Our youngest member isn't here today. He's probably on some island somewhere right now". Seul-ong confirmed by saying that Jin-woon is currently in Madagascar.

The junior member of the group left to Madagascar since 19 July to film "Laws of the Jungle 2" with other stars such as Kim Byeong-man and Ricky Kim.

Meanwhile, the "JYP Nation" tour will take place in Japan on 18 and 19 August.