Ji Jin Hee shows a stylish airport fashion

Kang Hye-In
Ji Jin Hee shows a stylish airport fashion

Ji Jin Hee's airport fashion is becoming a hot issue.

On 5th, Ji Jin Hee's agency uploaded a photo of Ji Jin Hee on their official Twitter.

The photo shows Ji Jin Hee at Incheon airport in a very stylish and cool outfits. He wore a light blue denim shirt, a white chino pants, and matched simple but stylish accessories, truly looking like one of Korea's hottest actors.

Ji Jin Hee left to Japan for the promotion of Korea Tourism Agency and JR Kyushu. Ji Jin Hee is currently active as the ambassador of Korea tourism, and he will be participating in various events, promoting Korea.

Netizens made comments, such as "He's hotter than any youths", "Is he really in his 40s?" and "He looks so stylish."

On the other hand, Ji Jin Hee will be coming back to Korea on 6th.

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