Jessica Alba: Motherhood gave me confidence

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Jessica Alba: Motherhood gave me confidence
Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has become less self-conscious about what she wears now that she's a mother.

The star has two daughters with husband Cash Warren. Jessica admits she wasn’t always so confident about her appearance, but having a family has helped boost her self-esteem.

"Before, I would never dare to wear shorts or a mini skirt. Now I'm a mother, I allow myself more things, I'm not afraid anymore by what others think," she told Gala France. "I think that life is too short and in a few years it will be too late to wear that kind of stuff."

Jessica is famed for her svelte physique. The Hollywood beauty makes sure she sticks to a healthy and nutritious diet.

"I was aware at a very young about the importance of eating healthy. I became a vegetarian at 12 until the age of 16. So I was cooking my own meals, different from the rest of the family," she explained.

Jessica launched The Honest Company earlier this year, which includes non-toxic, eco-friendly baby diapers, wipes, and organic bath and skin care. The actress has explained the inspiration behind her project.

"When I gave birth to my first daughter, I realised that most of the baby products are full of toxic substances. But to buy organic, you need not only to run in different shops for the nappies, care products etc, but everything is packaged in an austere way. I wanted to create a place where we offer healthy products, but pretty and imaginative as well," she said.

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