Jerry Yan's "nude photo" leak

Naseem Randhawa
Jerry Yan's "nude photo" leak

2 Sep Nude photos of a man who apparently resembles Taiwanese star Jerry Yan have recently caused quite a stir on the Internet, as fans speculate if the photos are real or fake, according to a report on Xin MSN's website.

A fully nude frontal shot of the man is seen in the photos when it was first posted online a few days ago, causing a stir among Netizens who are furious that such an explicit photo was made widely available.

"The photos still look obscene even after it's been blurred. People ought to know that the majority of Jerry's fans are females! I do not mean to discriminate the man in the photo. I just speak as a person who likes Jerry."

While some believe the photos to be real, others commented that the man in the photos was just someone who looks like the Taiwanese star.

However the singer-actor seemed unfazed by the stir even agreeing that the photographed man indeed resembles him.

"He has such a good physique, how I wish the guy in the photo was me," Jerry was quoted as saying.

"Could I have his contact number? We can get him to be my body double for nude butt shots in future!," he added.