Jeon So Min Reveals Her Younger Brother For The First Time

[by Sora Ghim] Actress Jeon So Min revealed her good looking younger brother for the first time. On KBS W show ‘King of Ratings,’ her brother sent her a video message.

He said, “My sister doesn’t wear makeup when she goes out, I wish she would,” causing laugher with his insult. He continues, “Whenever I cook something, my sister just comes and sits next to me with chopsticks. I want to eat my sister’s cooking.” On a more serious note he follows up with “I will support Jeon So Min and hope she becomes one of Korea’s top actresses.”

After seeing his face, the MCs commented on Jeon So Min’s brother’s good looks. Complimenting him and saying he could become an actor.

Besides her brother, Jeon So Min reveals she could have debuted as a singer and she also went on a blind date introduced by fellow actor Jung Kyung Ho.

Meanwhile, to find out more about her stories tune in on November 1. (photo by KBS W)

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