Jay Chou wants "Gangnam Style" to stop

Jay Chou wants "Gangnam Style" to stop

9 Dec – Jay Chou wants the "Gangnam Style" frenzy to stop, or at least to stop being performed by Taiwanese singers.

Channel News reported that during an award ceremony that was held in Beijing on 2 December, the singer urged Mandarin music stars to "unite" and stay ahead of the Korean wave.

Jay stated, "All artistes should unite and don't "Gangnam Style" anymore. Yes, it is quite humorous, but Mandarin music is much cooler."

The multi-talented star also added that Mandarin music fans should support Mandarin music, and "not let the Korean wave get too strong".

However, netizens find it ironic that the singer made the statement whilst sporting blonde hair that resembled a lot of Korean pop stars.

However, Chou dismissed allegations saying that he copied the image, saying the blonde hair is to match his well-defined eight pack abs.