Jay Chou speaks up

Lester Gan Wai Lun
Jay Chou speaks up

18 Nov – In a recent TV interview, Taiwanese singer Jay Chou insisted that 18-year-old model Hannah Quinlivan is not even his girlfriend, let alone his wife, according to the May Daily website.

Despite the fact that he was photographed travelling around France and Japan with the model, Jay still claimed that he wasn't dating anyone. When TV host Matilda Tao pressed on for more details, Jay admitted Hannah as a "good female friend" and said the press would never get any pictures of them together.

"If anyone does get a picture of us together before the release of my next album, we will give an exclusive interview the next day," he said.

He said in another interview that he would propose to his future 'other half' on the London Eye with the Big Ben as the backdrop.