Jay Chou & Hannah's holiday details revealed

Jay Chou & Hannah's holiday details revealed

26 Aug – Last week, Taiwanese singer Jay Chou and model Hannah Quinlivan reportedly travelled to Europe together. Although Jay had denied the allegation, Hong Kong tabloid magazine had just published a shot of the couple at the Marseille Port, according to a report on Xin MSN website.

In the report, it is stated that Jay started his 13-day vacation on 8 August, while Hannah's holiday began from her birthday on 12 August. At about 5pm on 14 August, Jay who was wearing a black beanie appeared at Marseille Port with 18-year-old Hannah.

An eyewitness said while the pair was disembarking from the ferry, Jay was seen lightly hugging Hannah from the back. They were in this intimate pose for a while and he took his hands off her when they were approaching the exit. After disembarking from the ferry, someone who recognised Jay went to up to speak to the superstar, giving him a shock.

In response to the tabloid exposé, Jay posted on his microblog, "Either you missed it, or you get the back. I'm sorry. Next time, I'll give you something with a front view. Haha... Or perhaps I'm a descendant from the God of Gambler that you could only photograph my back."

However, Hannah's manager emphasised that Jay and her are "just friends", and added that as this was a personal trip, the model did not have an assistant travelling with her.