Jason Statham reveals exercise outlook

Cover Media14 August 2012
Jason Statham reveals exercise outlook
Jason Statham

Jason Statham says looking good in movies is a "state of mind".

The Hollywood hardman gave advice on training and nutrition at the London press conference for his latest action movie The Expendables 2. The modest 44-year-old does not put himself as the fittest cast member but revealed some advice for people to follow if they want to get an action hero body like his.

"I'm in amongst people who are a lot fitter and have been a lot fitter than myself, but I do train a little, myself," Jason reluctantly revealed to Cover Media. "It's about having the focus and dedication and restriction to eat the right foods. It's a state of mind really."

The hunky star says that with fitness everything starts with diet first and if you have that element under control then the rest slots into pace. Jason explained he has only ever achieved the fitness levels normal people can reach, and admits his Expendables co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger is someone to use as an example of extreme workout results.

"If you can be good with your diet then that's the first hurdle. The rest comes in after, like the exercise, the commitment and having a good environment. That will take you to a certain level," Jason continued.

"Then if you want to achieve great things like the Olympians, well, I can't answer that. I never quite made it, but I'm sure someone like Arnold can enlighten you about how to take it to an extreme level."

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