Jason Chan, Tony Hung next TVB Kings

Jason Chan, Tony Hung next TVB Kings

20 Feb –TVB has turned to shaping newcomers and hosts as their drama stars, and that includes supporting actor Jason Chan and former Now TV host, Tony Hung.

According to Popular Asians website, with numerous TVB artists leaving in recent years, it was reported that TVB has offered both Jason and Tony, among the few, acting roles starring alongside popular actors.

Tony, who had only joined TVB last June after quitting his job in Now TV, was recently seen filming an outdoor scene with Aimee Chan for his first drama, "Unrequited Love in Double Cities".

The former "Pilgrimage of Hope" host revealed his excitement at working with veterans such as Benz Hui and Elliot Yu, stated, "I felt a sense of awe to work with these people, who I watched on TV as a child. And they were generous with helpful tips when filming."

"Wayne Lai told me to try my best to be natural, and to find a comfortable way to act. Roger Kwok told me that acting is a game of memory," the new actor enthused.

Meanwhile, Jason Chan, who has been playing small roles in the past, revealed that his first lead role was in "Missing You", starring alongside Linda Chung. The drama led to his filming "The Love Firm" - collaborating with TV Kings, Wayne Lai and Moses Chan.

The actor stated, "It's a rare opportunity to be working with two TV Kings. I need to take the opportunity to learn from them. It's not just their acting methods, but also the way they communicate with others."

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