Jang Seok-woo sentenced to six years in prison

Jang Seok-woo sentenced to six years in prison

15 Aug – It was revealed that Open World Entertainment CEO, Jang Seok-woo was sentenced to six years in prison after months on trial for his sexual harassment case.

According to Allkpop website, the CEO received a six-year imprisonment sentence for violation of the Minors Sexual Protection laws among other offenses.

It was also revealed that the court will also make his file public for about five years, with a 40 hours sexual treatment course to be attended by Jang.

Earlier, the court dismissed the defendant's claim that the sexual contact was made willingly by Jang and the victims and Jang's appeal of leniency. The court also denied petition from the prosecutors for a nine-year prison sentence.

Jang was arrested last April for sexually assaulted various trainees of his company since November 2010 to March 2012, with two of them being minors.