Jang Nara fashion at School 2013

[by Joy Kim] Actress and singer Jang Nara’s fashion in KBS2 School 2013 is an issue among viewers. 

In the drama she wears items with vivid colors with sophisticated designed bag. Among her various look, her accessory styling caught female viewer’s eyes. 

On the eleventh episode, Jang Nara is wearing red vivid blue coat with black Coldwell bag from Samantha Thavasa. It’s details and black leather add rock chicness to her style. 

Also from other episode of the drama, she chose camel colored Forte bag from Samantha Thavasa on red coat. 

With various color matches, Jang Nara shows good example of using color in winter stylings. (photo by Samantha Thavasa, photo captured from KBS2 School 2013) 

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