Jang Na-ra's manager dies of heart attack

Jang Na-ra's manager dies of heart attack

26 Aug – "Baby-faced Beauty" actress Jang Na-ra has decided to cancel all her upcoming promotional appearances after the death of her good friend and manager, Kim Hyo-shik.

As reported on Kpopstarz website, Kim was accompanying the actress in Beijing, China for her upcoming movie "Flying with You" promotional activities when he suffered a heart attack. Despite being rushed to the emergency room, doctors were unable to save his life.

On 21 August, Jang Na-ra's agency posted an official statement on her website, stating "Today, at 1.36 PM (local time), Jang Na-ra's manager, Kim Hyo-shik experienced a heart attack in Beijing and was immediately sent to a hospital for emergency treatment but then passed away. We are saddened by the fact as Kim Hyo-shik has been working hard for Jang Na-ra's schedules in China and ahead of her movie premiere."

An acquaintance of the manager stated, "I didn't know that he had the disease. I don't know why this had to happen now because his baby will be born this year."

Jang Nara's agency also stated "The entire company is currently doing all we can for Kim Hyo-shik's family. We ask that you pray for Kim Hyo-shik and his family."

Kim Hyo-shik was 32-years-old.

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