Jang Jae In signed management contract with Mystic89

Choi Hyun-Jung
Jang Jae In signed management contract with Mystic89

Jang Jae In went back to Yoon Jong Shin.

On December 3rd, an official of Mystic89 told that Jang Jae In signed a management contract with Myistic89.

Mystic89 was established by Yoon Jong Shin, and Ha Lim, Cho Jung Chi, Kim Yeon Woo, Park Ji Yoon, announcer Park Ji Yoon, Togeworl, Kim Ye Lim, Pure Kim, Kim Jung Hwan, and Muzie are under contracts with the company.

As Jang Jae In joined the company, Mystic89 officially became a major record label.

Jang Jae In debuted after participating in 'Super Star K 2', and she gained a lot of fans with her unique voice and great talent in songwriting.

Yoon Jong Shin is currently one of the hottest producers in Korea, and many music fans are showing great anticipation for Jang Jae In and Yoon Jong Shin's meetup.

An official from Mystic89 said, "Jang Jae In is one of the singers with the most unique voice color in Korea, and she is also a god-given songwriter. We thought that she matches our company very well."

The official also said, "Jang Jae In has been continuing a very successful career, and we will do our best to make her a much bigger artist."

Meanwhile, Jang Jae In will be releasing a new album next year.

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