Jang Bum June Caught Gaping at the Chunderella-Lee Hyori Couple

Stewart Ho

Many fans couldn’t keep their eyes off of the Lee Chun Hee (Chunderella) and Lee Hyori couple on the past SBS variety show, Family Outing, but it looks like the good-looking couple is continuing to stupefy those around them!

On the May 3 broadcast of the Lee Hyori reality show on On Style, Golden 12, Lee Hyori and her friends, including Lee Chun Hee, left on a vacation to Jeju Island.

At the airport, as soon as Lee Hyori saw her old friend she said, “Let me hug this married man,” and proceeded to give her old buddy a big hug. As the two embraced and smiled, Busker Busker’s Jang Bum June could be seen next to them, with his jaw dropped.

Perhaps Jang Bum Jung was getting a little envious of Lee Chun Hee?

Netizens commented on the incident saying, “Jang Bum June’s expression is so hilarious”, “I wish I was in Lee Hyori’s place” and “I would hug Jang Bum June!”

Photo credit: On Style

Reporter : Stewart Ho (stoo@cj.net)
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