Jacky Wu embroiled in assault case

Jacky Wu embroiled in assault case

14 Feb – Taiwanese famed host, Jacky Wu was embroiled in an physical assault case involving an university undergraduate a couple of days before the Lunar New Year.

As reported on Asianpopnews website, a 23-year-old undergraduate named Chen Yufeng made a police report, stating that Jacky had hit him and threw vulgarities at him in an incident at a noodle house in the wee morning of 8 February.

The student explained that while eating at the stated place with his friends, a couple of them started to quarrel. Jacky Wu, who was there with Elvia Hsiao, Kai Ko and Cheryl Yang after celebrating a friend's birthday, tried to be the peacemaker, pulling his male friend out of the shop.

Chen continued saying that after finishing their supper, his friend offered to pay for Jacky's meal as a token of apology for disrupting Jacky and his friends with their quarrels.

After returning to the shop, Chen's friend began to chat endlessly with Jacky again, and Chen, who was getting impatient with the long wait, dashed into the shop and told his friend off, "I am going to flare up if you are still not leaving!"

Jacky reportedly was unhappy and said, "Hey! A young man should not be that rash," before hurling vulgarities towards him and hit him with his fist, wounding his lips.

Chen also claimed that Cheryl Yang threatened him and said, "Do not blow up this matter! Quickly leave this place!"

The local police arrived at 5.40 am, and spotted that Chen's lips were bleeding while Jacky suffered from bruises on his face. Both went to the hospital to assess their injuries.

Asked to confirm the news, Jacky responded that he had thought that Chen Yufeng was a paparazzo who intentionally provoked him.

Asked who started the fight first, Jacky replied, "It happened at the same time", but denied hurling vulgarities at the student.

Claiming that his nose had bled after taking two punches from him, as well as sustaining injuries on his forehead and lips, the famed host stated, "My injury is even more serious that him. If Chen Yufeng were to sue me, I will counter-sue him too!"

Meanwhile, Cheryl's manager denied that she had threatened Chen, and stated that Cheryl was only urging both parties to calm down but Yufeng threatened them by saying that he knew a legislator and threatened to sue.

The statement was supported by Elva Hsiao, who said, "It is too exaggerated! Cheryl only politely asked everyone to calm down. Cheryl is someone who can't even scare the ants away!"

Meanwhile, Chen Yufeng has already sought help from a legislator's office and intends to sue Jacky for physical assault.