Jacky, Julian and Joey to perform for Leslie Cheung

Jacky, Julian and Joey to perform for Leslie Cheung

26 Mar – Florence Chan, former manager of the late Leslie Cheung has been very hushed about the upcoming memorial concert for the 10th anniversary of Leslie's passing. However, photos of stars in rehearsals have given away some of the big names that will be performing at the concert.

TVB News World website recently reported that the several stars that have taken some time off for the rehearsal, including heavenly king Jacky Cheung, Cantopop singer and actress Vivian Chow, divas Kelly Chen and Joey Yung, the Grasshoppers and Leslie's close friend Julian Cheung.

Meanwhile, Florence Chan also attended the rehearsal, providing not only suggestions for the performances, but to personally thank the guests on their support for the memorial concert.

Taking the advantage of her presence, Jacky Cheung and the crew held a surprise birthday party for the hardworking Florence, whose birthday fell on the 22 March.

Florence, who was touched by the gesture, revealed that she has been too busy planning for the concert and still sadden by Teacher Hui Pui's recent passing that she initially planned to celebrate her birthday quietly instead.

The Leslie Cheung's 10th Anniversary Memorial Concert will be held on two different formats at the Hong Kong Coliseum on 31 March. The memorial concert will also be broadcasted by Hong Kong's four major electronic media and television stations around the world, while Taiwan and Japan will have cinema simultaneous broadcast.

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