Jackie Chan's career first sex scene?

Rheus Wai Soh See
Jackie Chan's career first sex scene?

22 Sep – International martial arts icon and movie star Jackie Chan has shot his first bedroom scene, according to Sina sources.

The "lucky" girl is Mainland actress Li Bing Bing and it is for the upcoming historical drama "1911", an epic film being marketed as Jackie Chan's career century – it is his 100th movie.

To calm her nerves, Bing Bing was said to have downed half a bottle of red wine and some strong liquor, before taking off her clothes for the sexy scenes.

Jackie apparently joined her for the drink before they did their parts on the bed and is reported to have praised her professionalism and dedication.

However, the bedroom scene has been cut according to May Daily, in its report that it was obviously "too hot to handle".

The big-budget Chinese blockbuster will premiere this week in most territories worldwide.