Jackie Chan Introduces His New Idol Group, ‘JJCC’

[by Chloe Yun] World’s beloved movie actor Jackie Chan doesn\'t seem to give up on his childhood pop-star dream. Instead of learning break dance by himself, the 59-year-old action star chose to invest in a new pop group, who will make his dream come true. 

On March 10 Jackie Chan confirmed that his K-POP project group ‘JJCC’ will make its debut this March targeting markets within the global music industry. 

New K-POP band ‘JJCC’ is the ambitious work of Jackie Chan who has highly valuated K-POP’s unlimited growth potential. The movie star has exerted his every effort on this collaboration project as participating in overall process such as recruiting, album producing, and training. 

‘JJCC’ consists of five boys (four Koreans and one Chinese), each of who flaunts his handsome face, unique charm, and skills that has been developed by years of intense training. The group is planning to make its debut in Korea first. 

Official of The Jackie Chan Group Korea said, “As formed and trained under the ambitious theme of ‘World can be conquered when Asia unites, ‘JJCC’ will amaze the world with its different music and charm that has never existed before.”

Meanwhile, Jackie Chan’s K-POP group ‘JJCC’ will make its official debut in Korea sooner or later this march and embark on its global promotion. (photo by bntnews DB)

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