Jackie Chan explains views about HK

Jackie Chan explains views about HK

17 Dec – After being highly criticised for his views on Hong Kong's right to protest, Jackie Chan has decided to explain himself to avoid more misunderstanding.

Groove Asia reported that at the premiere of "CZ12" on 13 December, the internationally renowned actor expressed, "I never imagine that a few words from me had taken up some newspapers' headlines yet again. If you disagree with my opinions, I absolutely respect your freedom to say otherwise."

The actor continued, "Every time I see so many protests in Hong Kong, I worry about foreign visitors' opinions about Hong Kong. I have been to a lot of places and I feel Hong Kong is truly great. I should have listened to my friends' opinions and speak less, but I can't tolerate it anymore because I love Hong Kong."

Jackie also stated that his tendency to speak his mind may have been misunderstood, and welcomed others to correct his mistakes.

The actor added, "I only wanted to say that people cannot disobey the law. Governments and leaders have to think of a fair way to manage their people and resources."

Regarding the online criticism directed at him, Jackie said, "It's alright! Who truly doesn't want Hong Kong to do well? Initially I want to properly explain, but in the general atmosphere now it would only get worse. I believe those who understand would."

The actor however, refused to comment any further, saying that he's afraid that his words may not convey what he really means.