Jackie Chan explains reasoning for will

Jackie Chan explains reasoning for will

17 Dec – Jackie Chan has just amended his will in the past two or three weeks to give half his assets to wife Joan Lin and the other half to charities instead, declaring that the reason behind this move was purely just to avoid a headache.

"If I had to decide who gets what in every aspect that stretches all the way down to grandchildren or great-grandchildren, when will it end? The best way to do this is just to give half of my assets to my wife, and the other half back to society. Simple, without any headache," said Jackie at a press conference for his latest movie "CZ12" in Kuala Lumpur recently.

Not a single cent has been left to son Jaycee Chan, whom Jackie feels is old enough to make his own money.

Jackie has been bombarded with criticisms ever since it was discovered that nothing is left for his illegitimate daughter Etta, to which the action star defended himself by saying that that particular will had been made 15 years ago, long before her birth.

Jackie is currently busy promoting "CZ12", supposedly his last big action movie along with co-stars Zhang Lanxin and Yao Xintong.

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