Jackie Chan: "Diaoyu Islands belong to China"

Jackie Chan: "Diaoyu Islands belong to China"

5 Oct – "The Diaoyu Islands definitely belong to China!" that was what Hollywood beloved Hong Kong icon Jackie Chan is saying in the ongoing debate about the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands conflict.

According to Asian Crunch website, speaking at an event in Taitung, Taiwan, Chan – who has been in the country filming his new movie, "Chinese Zodiac" voiced out his own opinion regarding the Sino-Japanese territorial dispute, stating, "The Diaoyu Islands belong to China, but what I say doesn't count, it is up to the government to deal with it."

The actor added, "I wish I am Superman, so I can pull the island closer."

Chan also said he hoped Russia would resolve its territorial disputes with both China and Japan, pointing out that there is a need to respect every country's culture and to live harmoniously together.

However, when asked if he would consider shooting a film on one of the disputed islands, Chan was quoted saying that he would not do so as it would be too sensitive and require a lot of pointless effort.