Jack Neo's upcoming CNY film

Jack Neo's upcoming CNY film

3 Jun – Fans of the two-part film "Ah Boys To Men" can expect the return of the cast in Singaporean director Jack Neo's upcoming Chinese New Year film, which will revolve around the lion dance.

In an interview, Neo said he is now preparing for the film, adding that the actors and actresses will have to attend lion dance lessons before the filming starts.

Described as his "breakthrough action movie", the director explained that he chose to focus on the traditional lion dance for his film as "lion dance is commonplace in local (Singaporean) dramas. However, I find the traditional dance interesting. I think we can do something groundbreaking with it."

He added that "the cost of production and film title is unconfirmed as we are still handling the nitty-gritty. But the costs for this film will surely be higher than that of "Ah Boys To Men" as I will be inviting some foreign talents to take part in it!"

On whether he will be starring in his own film, Neo replied in the negative. Filming for his new film is expected to begin at the end of this year.