Ixora Chern new "Seekers" host

Cinema Online18 April 2012
Ixora Chern new "Seekers" host

The host of the ghostly thriller "Seekers" Season 8 where three new hosts join the team of the long-standing reality show as paranormal investigators, and one of these newcomers is model-turned-actress Ixora Chern. Here, the mixed heritage girl of Baba and Nyonya and Serani revealed her excitement on being cast in the reality television show as one of the new hosts as well as her part in contributing towards the expansion of her home country's entertainment scene.

Cinema Online held an interview with Ixora Chern in our very own office!

Q: You were first a model. Can you tell us how did you venture into acting?
Before I became an actress I had experience in hosting. When I was young I was very interested in acting and hosting, except that I didn't have any opportunities to until now because I was tied up with my study commitments in the US. It is also my mother's wish that I obtain a degree before I could focus on my dream of being a celebrity.

Q: Can you update us on your latest goings-on?
Well, I've just finished filming the eighth season of my ghostly television show "Seekers", which airs on NTV7. I'm also currently hosting RTM's Malay show "Sejarahwan Muda". Besides hosting, I had acting roles in RTM dramas which were "Puisi Cinta Rubiah" and "Pesona Sukma" as well as having a film debut in Suhaimi Baba's historical, "Tanda Putra".

Q: You just said that you are hosting a Malay show. Was it difficult for you?
No, not really, because I am fluent in Malay. Since I was small, I had been exposed to the Malay language as I had a lot of Malay friends. Further, my family comes from a mixed heritage.

Q: How do you feel about hosting a horror series like "Seekers"?
In the beginning, I was a bit nervous as I was not used to this. You know how superstitious people can be. But I willed myself to do it because it's not often that an opportunity like this comes by. This is my shot, and I did my best. However, while I was hosting I didn't encounter any weird disturbances, and there were also three others hosts with me, Syai, Bil and Min, so I was less scared.

Q: Have you ever heard or saw 'something'?
[Laughs] For now, no. I've only heard strange noises but that could be my imagination. Thank goodness that I am a positive person. If I heard something suspicious, I just think of fun things so that I won't feel scared.

Q: Now that there're tons of newcomers in the entertainment industry, how do you differentiate yourself from them?
I can speak fluently in Malay even though I'm not Malay. I'm a go-getter; I've done whatever I liked since I was a child and I made sure that I gave all those my best.

Q: Have you ever been worried that people will label you as an overly revealing person one day?
Whatever image I project, I am being myself. I dress according to the occasion and I try not ruin my image with controversies such as by partying. However, if they still see me as someone who dresses skimpily, I can't stop them from thinking that way. For being, being revealing is different from being sexy. One can be sexy even if they don't expose themselves. We have to see a person as a whole, not because of something they did once. For now, I don't think I'm a very revealing person and I will try to keep myself from being labelled that way.

Q: Who would you want to co-star with?
I would very much like to act with Michelle Yeoh. As for men, I would like to act with Tony Eusoff. They are both great actors.

Q: What is your favourite movie?
I love watching action movies such as "Black Hawk Down". I also enjoy almost all of Angelina Jolie's films.

Q: Thank you Ixora and hope we meet again.
You're welcome.

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